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Charlie Chicks Adventures #3: My beautiful sister, Little Debbie

See even her pink bow is annoying!

 I officially hate my little sister. Ever since mom has laid those eggs, she has been very grumpy and Little Debbie has taken advantage of that.

Mom hates it when Debbie and I fight. She believes that boy chicks, should respect girl chicks. So when ever Little Debbie and I argue, I get into trouble because its “disrespectful towards chicks.”

So today, I was sitting in my room reading “Diary or a wimpy chick” when Little Debbie appeared in my doorway with a huge smirk on her face.  

                “Helen Egglett was here, and she was looking for you, but I told her you were knitting a pink sweater for Mama Chick and that she had to leave because you don’t like to be disturbed when you knit,” She let out a little girly giggle. As Little D. told me this her smile never left her face.  Did she think I was that stupid to believe that Helen Egglett would come all the way over to my house without calling me first? I see her calling chicks at recess every day! (I am not a stalker or anything!) And I dropped my number on her desk on the way to math, and I saw her take it. So I know she would call if she wanted to talk to me. I got so angry that my book accidently flew out of my hands and smashed Little Debbie right in the beak! So than she let out this one LOUD squawk and started clucking. Mom must of herd it, well I know she herd it and probably the whole barn herd it, because in less than a minute she was in my doorway too, and she was not happy.

“Why is YOUR SISTER CRYING? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO RESPET GIRL CHICKS?! YOUR GROUNDED FOR A MONTH!” and just like that my Mother and Little Debbie were gone, and I’ve been in here stuck in my room ever since. Alone with my book, that I finished a hour ago.



Hey its Vic and Em here were adding another post real soon about charlie chick so just hang on out there! Please vote what mama chicks eggs should  be, and comments are needed because we are in a writers block! KEEP VISITINNG

~Victoria 🙂 & Emily 😉

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