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Charlie’s Adventures #2: Mom chick is Prego

on February 13, 2012

Charlie Chick Waiting for the bus

Charlie Chick Waiting for the bus

Ms. Chicks Eggs

Ms. Chicks Eggs

Mom layed two eggs last night, does she not understand that they just cluck, sleep, and poop? I remember Little Debbie as a new hatch, cute and cuddly in my mother and fathers eyes, well i saw something way differnt, yes a cute thing but her flaws ruled out the cutness. When we were little we used to share a nest, because we were too small to have our own, or we would get lost in the hay, she would HOG the nest and be too lazy to use the bathroom so she just would go in the nest! HOW GROSS IS THAT!?!

Mom, Dad I have got some news for yah,  just seeing the cute and cuddly side doesn’t turn out to great, look at Little Deb now. Today when i was waiting outside the barn for the bus, I thought about Hellen Egglet. What if when we grow up would she want to lay chicks? Well I sure don’t! So that would never workout! But, I really, REALLY like her maybe I will just have to reconsider. But I don’t want to deal with the changing the nest when they forget to use the bathroom, play stupid new hatch games, and most of all deal with all the CLUCKING!!!

I started freaking out. I had to keep reminding myself, “lets not think that far ahead, You have to get the chick first.” But then I started freaking out again. Thank farmers the bus showed up real quick. I know something for a fact, I am not too happy about Mom chick laying those new eggs.


5 responses to “Charlie’s Adventures #2: Mom chick is Prego

  1. Sarah says:

    Haha that’s funny! I like this stories they are very interesting. Normally, I wouldn’t care for stories about everyday life, but I mean when you put it in the point of view of a chicken, in the life of a chicken, it catches my interest. I can’t wait to hear more! ;D Keep up the good work!

  2. krazychicks says:

    lol your so NICE!!! I really like writing about Charlie Chicken because he can be like the total oppisit of me! (Even though I’m a girl) I will be visiting your blog soon girl so keep posting 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Alright, I need to write another story. But what to write…? Hermph. I’ll come up with something eventually. And thank you on the ‘NICE’ part. XD I can’t wait to hear…err…read more about Charlie!

  4. Amy M says:

    Hey Vic And Em,
    Laughing the whole way through that post! I would hate to see these kinds of posts stopped there just way too funny!
    Please make the next post of Charlie’s Adventures even funnier please because i can’t wait!
    Good luck with the blogging challenge!
    Amy M

  5. Gemma R says:

    Hi Vic and Em,
    These chickens are very interesting…..I think its also gross that they go to the toilet in their own nest! I would never do that, but that is funny anyway. I hope all your eggs go well, and that they are great!

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