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Charlie’s Adventures #1: Meet The Chick Family

on February 5, 2012

    Hello, My name is Charlie Chick and I live in Chickenville, in a house with my Father, Mother, and little sister. I decided to get a blog so I  could write about my crazy adventures as a young pre-teen chicken. I have this HUGE crush on Hellen Egglet who is in my 7th grade classroom but, I’m not quite sure she feels the same way about me…Well let me tell you a little about my family…

Mr. Chick– Mr. Chick is my Dad and everyone in the town of Chickenville respects him because he is the chicken that keeps everyone safe. He is apart of the Chickenville Police station, so I can’t really talk about much more of what he does because he must keep his work confidential but some chicks at my school say that I have the coolest Chick Dad alive, and I (sometimes) believe them.

Ms. Chick– Ms. Chick is my Mom and she is a stay at home Chick. Sometimes I wish that Mom had a job because sometimes she gets on my chicken nerves by always telling me to do my chores! I hate chores especially cleaning the dirty dishes, but Mom is really funny sometimes too. One time she told me a story about how her and Dad met. She said that she fell in love with his tiny little spec of hair, and how his shade of hair perfectly matched hers so they were ment to be together forever.

Little Debbie Chick- My Little sister Debbie loves to chic her friends, she chic’s on her phone all day long! Talking about Rosters and Hens, who’s clucking with who! Girly stuff, yuck. Debbie got her nickname little Debbie when she was just a new hatch, she was so small but the next thing I know little Debbie is taller than I am! HOW EMBARSING!

That is my crazy family. I am looking foward to having blog so I can share my thoughts about….we, everything!!! Mom just called me down to dinner, bye!


(Picture: Left to right Charlie, Ms. Chick, Mr. Chick, Little  Debbie)


3 responses to “Charlie’s Adventures #1: Meet The Chick Family

  1. katlyn says:

    this looks kool

  2. Maya W says:

    Well your family sure looks fun!!!! And i liked the way you introduced us to them 🙂
    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog, yours looks amazing, lots of fun and SUPER creative!!

  3. Brianna G says:

    Hi! Um…Wordpress has spell check but you have to check yourself the many grammar mistakes you have. Example: how she and dad met, not how her and Dad met. Great job! I really like the whole idea of this blog! Although did you use the WordPress spellcheck because you spelled roosters as rosters?

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