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Meet The Crazy Chicks

on January 30, 2012


 Its the Krazy Chicks here! Welcome to the best blog ever! We have so much topics to post about:

  • School
  • The young and the restless (Best Show ever!)
  • Other TV’S shows
  • Awsome topics that all you bloggers like

But lets not get all tangled up in our nest chatting about that right now, this post is all about mettin’ us crazy chickys! Lets start with miss Vikki chicky:

Hey its Victoria, let me tell you about some of my favorite things, I love the color purple, purple discribes me, a strong person. I love monkeys, they are so wild and free and I love kittens and puppies! The best book I have ever read is The Goddess girls, By Joan Houlb and Suzanne Willams. I have a kitten named Mia, I call her princess miabelle beacuse she rules my world, her and my puppy Lucas. Lucas is my rock he cuddles me when I am down. I love Mia and Luc. My passion is writing, basketball, softball, and blogging, when people give input and comment it makes blogging a lot more fun!

Hey-lo I’m Emily, and I like to think I am a pretty cool chic! (lol) I love to read, watch T.V and text my friends! I have a black little puppy named Murphy and a small little kitten named after the coolest lighting god Zues. My favorite color is Yellow because it is so happy and sunny and I like to shape my behavors around that bubbly and happy color. My favorite food has to be pizza because it is SO good! I was so happy when my sister Vic told me that we should have a blog to show our writing to the world I just hope that people are very excited about reading our writing like we are to share it with you!

  Please we would be very happy if you left positive comments, and if you don’t like what we wrote just to leave the post without leaving a comment. Thanks,

~Vic & Em


8 responses to “Meet The Crazy Chicks

  1. Sarah says:

    Hello Victoria and Emily! Again, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you commented on my blog. I can’t wait to hear more stories from you two. They sound very different and interesting. I too have a passion for writing stories and things. Good luck with your new blog!
    -Sarah…again. XD

  2. Miss W. says:

    G’day KrazyChicks (Vic and Em)
    Welcome to the 8th student blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities which will start in early March. I notice on your sidebar you have the link to last year’s challenge participants – you might need to change that to the group for this March.

  3. katlyn says:

    hey if u guys dnt care i mite post this on fb cuz it looks like yall have some rly good ideas

  4. sriya says:

    That,s a great story.

  5. Julie says:


  6. Brianna G says:

    Cool! Totally putting a link on my blog! Visit my blog at

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